May 11 2023 10:30 AM Update

Many thanks to the ENTIRE Fraser family who kindly prioritized getting the C420s & Lifts in the water over their M15. Pat Kelly - a new member, also came down, so we now have the floats out and 2 C420s rigged and ready for booms/sails/rudder if anyone is eager to sail early. The remaining C420's & Opti's will be prepped over the next few weeks for our June 2nd opening night!

May 10th 2023 10:00 AM Update

420 & Lift Launch this evening Wednesday May 10th starting at 5:30PM until we finish. Bring your gloves and muscles! Bread & Pickle will be open!

May 5th 2023 8:20 PM Update

The Lift and Boat Launch scheduled for Tomorrow Saturday May 6th 10am to noon has been postponed until further notice. 

May 5th 2023 8:20PM 

MPRB was not able to install the buoy field as they normally do by this weekend. The Lift and C420 boat launch scheduled for tomorrow morning Sat. May 5th 10am to noon has been cancelled. I will update the new plan as soon as we hear from MPRB. Ideally I'll get the lifts launched mid-week otherwise it will be next weekend???

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