Do I need to own a boat to sail with the LHYC Youth Program?

No. LHYC owns the youth sailboats and their use is included in the program fee.

What equipment do I need?

The only equipment you need is a Personal Floatation Device (PFD). You may also want to wear clothes appropriate for swimming, plus sunscreen and a hat.


Do I need to know how to sail to join?

It is expected that you have basic sailing skills or experience. This could be from a family cabin, sailing camps, or active racing. Even if you do not have sailing experience, come join us and try sailing with a partner to see if you like it.


How do you ensure safety?

Sailors must wear Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) at all times while on the water. At least one motorized safety boat patrols the lake and observes the weather and sailors to ensure safety when sailors are on the water.


What organized sailing activities are offered?

There are two main sailing activities: weekly group sailing and racing. Each Friday June through August, youth sailors and their parents gather at the lake for group sailing. This weekly event rotates activities like games, fun racing, skill drills, and free sailing. On select Wednesdays, the kids race among the adult boats and compete for the Youth trophy.


Does group sailing or racing ever get canceled due to weather?

Each Friday afternoon, an email reminder is sent to youth sailing families. Unless weather conditions clearly rule out activity, the Friday group sailing will be held. If there is no wind or too much wind, sailors will participate in dry land activities or games. If there is any lightning or thunder, sailors must exit the water until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder.


Can I bring a friend or neighbor?

Please do! Even if they do not have sailing experience, bring a neighbor or friend so they can experience sailing. If they decide to join, they can always enroll in sailing classes through various providers in the twin cities.


Why is it called “membership”?

Lake Harriet Yacht Club is an organization built on member representation. Each household can influence decisions in the club through a vote a membership meetings.


What do parents do during Wednesday and Friday sailing?

LHYC youth is a volunteer run organization and encourages parents to assist during group sailing and racing by helping kids rig and launch boats and driving or crewing a motorized safety boat. A few kayaks are also available for use, plus the neighboring Weel Fun Rentals offers paddle boards, paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes for rent. If volunteer needs are met, Lake Harriet is a great place to relax!


Can I use a boat on days when there is no group sailing or racing?

You may use an LHYC Optimist or Club 420 after being checked out as a skipper on that boat. The requirements for skippering are listed on the policies we page.

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