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LHYC Youth Sailing provides a safe and fun way for kids to experience sailing. The program is centered around weekly group sailing where kids explore the lake, gain confidence in the boat and water, participate in fun games, and hone their sailing skills. With membership in the program, you have full access to club-owned sailboats, making it an easy and low-cost way to get involved in sailing (i.e. boat ownership is NOT required). Parents help the kids rig the boats, drive the safety boat, or kayak while the kids sail. Relaxed and social, it’s a great way to spend time together at the lake.

• Provide a safe and fun way for kids to sail, gain confidence, and make sailing friends
• Offer a range of opportunities from fun sailing games to sailboat racing
• Enable parents to engage in the program and share experiences with their kids


• Youth Group sailing on Friday evenings at 5:30pm-sunset, June-August. 
Two types of club-owned sailboats available: seven Optimists and four 420s 

• 420's can be raced during Wed. evening races
• Appropriate for ages 7 and above

  Once checked-out, families have access to sailboats anytime May-Sep.

• Families are expected to have basic sailing skills
    • No formal training is provide but informal training is available from parents & members 

    • Nearby formal classes available at
  Bde Maka SkaMinneapolis Sailing Center (
  Lake Harriet: Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board.
  Lake Minnetonka: Wayzata Sailing School, Lake Minnetonka Sailing School

• Parents help the kids rig the boats, drive a safety boat, or kayak while the kids sail

• Friday evenings conclude with putting the boats away, debrief and Ice cream stop.
• July regatta for kids ready to try racing (Twin Cities Youth Sailing)

• Contact Jake Skala at or
• If you decide to join, LHYC membership enrollment is online.

• Annual program enrollment is based on first-come, first-served basis and is limited based on available equipment

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