Lake Harriet Yacht Club started in 1941 and on May 1, 1947 was formed as a non-profit corporation "under and pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 309, Minnesota Statutes of 1945". The PURPOSE of the Yacht Club (to quote from the Articles of Incorporation) is "to promote the physical and mental culture and the social interests of its members, to advance their interest in aquatic and other recreational sports". It proposes to accomplish this end by "encouraging sports, particularly that of yachting, and in connection therewith to promote the science of seamanship and navigation and to conduct races and regattas".

This brochure is an attempt to show just how well Lake Harriet Yacht Club is accomplishing its purpose, first started in 1947. It is an attempt to demonstrate that this Yacht Club is a wholesome, competitive activity that is made possible only by the voluntary contributions of time, money, effort and devotion of its members. It is an attempt to show that Lake Harriet Yacht Club enriches the lives not only of its members, but the life of our whole community, and that it is the kind of activity that epitomizes the social goals of our entire system of parks and public recreational facilities.

The sailboat is, after all, the public symbol of the City of Minneapolis.
Current Volunteer Opportunities

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